3 Top Tips to Create a Luxury Retail Experience

A luxury retail experience should be unlike any other. It should relax and inform the customer of the products available without making them feel pressured to buy. Here are 3 tips to help you create the perfect luxury retail experience.

Master the Marketing

As a luxury retail owner, marketing will be one of the most important tools you can employ. Every step a customer takes into your online persona must be as breath-taking as the experience you are promoting. Keep your website and newsletters simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Be sure to include multiple pictures of your products so your customers know exactly what they are shopping for.

Social media will also play a big role in your business. You must have active Facebook and Instagram accounts through which you can promote the products and any promotions you are running. These social media accounts will offer you a key chance to interact with the public; therefore you must make sure that whoever is in charge of the accounts is responding in a gracious and friendly manner.

Invest in Your Staff

The employees can make or break any store, and this has never been so true as in luxury retail. Your staff are the face and brand ambassadors of your store and you cannot afford for them to drive business away with a bad attitude.

Luxury retail is a slightly different working environment to regular retail and you must prepare them for this; especially if you are hiring from a standard retail talent pool. Train your employees and support them along every step of their career. If you are known for offering a stellar experience with friendly, attentive staff, you will get business.

Make sure to focus on sales technique. Teach your staff to adapt their technique based on the customer instead of employing a one-size-fits-all strategy. Learn what works; a hard-sell might be aggressive and off-putting while a cross-sell in the form of a suggestion of a necklace to pair with a dress may be just the perfect thing.

Develop an Experience

Finally, your retail space itself will be the ultimate part of your luxury experience. An architectural service such as Retail Design by Found may be the perfect option here for you to craft your vision. Choose warm, inviting colours for your interiors and be sure to leave nothing out. Everything can be customised and improved to bring together one cohesive aesthetic.

Remember the mantra of ‘Less is More’; it will become your best friend. Although you may offer a vast range of products, your shop floor should be set up in a minimalist fashion to highlight the best pieces in your inventory. Utilise downlighting and spotlights to create a focus on key products you wish to sell.

Everything will add to the vibe of your store; even the music. Put together a playlist that best portrays the atmosphere you wish to convey. From the moment a customer walks through your doors, their experience will begin. You need to make sure it is a memorable one.

Image: Pixabay