5 Advantages Of Using Stamped Concrete

A material like stamped concrete can be of great value when used to develop the appeal of outdoor spaces. From patios and driveways to malls and theme-parks, it is primarily used because of its enormous visual benefits and undeniable practical convenience. These include simple maintenance, reduced expenses and a high level of visual appeal when it comes down to the final product. On top of the durability and the long-lasting features that regular concrete offers, stamping adds an elegant touch to create economically viable and desirable results for all. Here are some of the main points to take into consideration:

1) Wide Array Of Applications

Stamped concrete can be used for anything from patios, walkways and driveways to decks and balconies. It can also be utilized to surround a garden or pool, or to spruce up the look of a courtyard or shared outdoor space. Regardless of location, it looks distinguished and can be an easy way to neaten up a yard.

2) Low Maintenance

One of the options for your new project is a process called acid-staining, which creates the illusion of marbled and multicoloured stone. The visual appeal of the concrete comes from vibrant and long-lasting colours which are created with stains and dyes. To maintain the colours, all one has to do is apply a sealer. A general rule of thumb to go by is to check up on the condition of your stamped concrete every 4 years and ensure that any wear-and-tear is taken care of. However, the frequency of how often sealer has to be reapplied is dependent on the amount of traffic the project experiences as well as the extent to which it gets exposed to harsh weather conditions. The smooth finish also eliminates tripping hazards in shared spaces.

3) Less Labor Intensive

Many professional installers firmly believe that it is more economical for concrete to be poured and then stamped rather than for stones to be hauled and placed individually. This service also comes at a much more reasonable price for the consumer. Purchasing limestone, flagstone, or slate can be a serious investment. Creating a versatile and custom-made design using stamps, overlays and stains like those that Elite Concrete offers is a more viable option for most people. This product is also less labour intensive for homeowners, since a smooth surface means never having to weed out grasses than sprout up between cracks.

4) Longevity

Concrete in itself offers more longevity than most surface materials. Not only does it last longer than many other materials, but it is durable in virtually every kind of environment and can withstand large amounts of wear and traffic. You can trust a service like Elite Concrete landscaping, where your concerns and personal style come first. Another maintenance benefit worth noting is the fact that this feature will essentially never need to be replaced or reset. The professionalism and warranty provided with your purchases at Elite Concrete ensure that your new driveway or patio will be well worth its cost.

5) Property Resale Value

Applying stamped concrete to the landscape that surrounds your property can help to instantly add curb appeal as well as aesthetic value to your property. Therefore, it can help to increase the value of your property and allow you to maximize your return on investment if you choose it over plain concrete or a less durable material like wood.