Improve home security with a gate

Living in Western Australia is great and most people don’t have concerns about home security. In reality, most homeowners will never be victim of a home burglary, but this doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to be skint when it comes to securing a property. While many homeowners opt for a traditional home security system, law enforcement officials explain that the best way to stop criminals is to put visible deterrents in place.

One of the easiest ways to stop burglars from even attempting a break in is to install a gate. The time and effort required to get over the gate isn’t worth it for most thieves who target homes that offer easy access and escape paths that aren’t visible. It’s pretty easy to see and hear a criminal carrying a bag of loot over a large gate. There are quite a few types of gates available in WA, so here is a brief look at two of the best options.

Motorised driveway access gate

The driveway is normally the largest access point to a house. After all, it needs to have room for a car. However, it might as well be a landing strip to would be burglars who can simply walk or drive right up it. Some neighbours might not even realise that the car in the driveway does not belong to the homeowner.

Installing a motorised driveway access gate immediately closes off access to this entry point. The gate is controlled with a remote meaning only those who have this will be able to open or close it. There is also a keypad in case the remote is lost or forgotten. The gate has a battery backup to ensure it is functional even if the power is out.

This type of gate doesn’t just keep criminals at bay. It is also perfect for preventing unwanted guests from parking in the driveway. Anyone who has come home after a long day of work only to find a strange car parked in the driveway knows how frustrating this can be. With a motorised driveway access gate, it will never be an issue again.

Pedestrian access gates

Many homes are also equipped with a walkway that leads up to the front door or a side entrance. However, most people these days simply do not want strangers walking up to their door. Not only is this a security issue, but it can also be a privacy concern. That’s why a pedestrian access gate is the ideal solution to this problem.

Improve home security with a gate

These gates can either be operated by a keypad or an old-fashion lock and key and certain models can be opened from inside a house via a communication system. This way the person inside can speak with whomever is at the gate before giving them access to the house. These doors can also be put in place for building control purposes or around a swimming pool to ensure it remains secure.

Before installing gates at a WA home, be sure to speak with an expert who can explain the different types available. This guarantees a property is equipped with gates that improve security and privacy without inconveniencing the homeowner.