Reinforcing gravel surfaces

Gravel is a great alternative if you are trying to reinforce a surface and keep cost down. It can help give unimproved roads traction, when the road conditions are less then desirable. All while not coming anywhere close to the cost of more traditional means of paving, methods like concreate or asphalt. But, unfortunately gravel does have its own setbacks. Starting off the gravel becomes loose over time and can be thrown around from fast moving vehicles. It can also be pressed into the ground to an unusable level. Though this may be the case, there are ways to improve roads utilizing gravel. All you must do is incorporate a gravel stabilizer and you can avoid these problems as mention above. Now, all that you need to know is what kind of gravel stabilizers are there on the market for you to use?

Permeable Pavements

Relatively recently, an alternative method of paving, named permeable pavements, have become popular, this system is designed to hold lose materials as the pavement itself and is perfect for gravel based surfaces. The way it works is quite simple. Constructing the base pavement in a factory. It consists of recycled plastic, shaped into a grid of small open containers. Each container, can hold a small amount of material and reinforces itself from one another. After production, this base can be stored and shipped to almost anywhere. It can be installed in the area desired and filled with any type of loose material desired.  Though this method works well with gravel, it can offer so much more benefits then just stabilizing.

Specifications and other benefits

Having a method that can hold gravel is great, though you may want to look at some of these specifications, to let you know what it can really do besides hold gravel. For starters, though the base flooring may be plastic, its design allows it to hold past six thousand pounds per square inch. Making it very durable for its intended use. Maintenance also benefits from this system. Being permeable, it can allow liquid to pass through the pavement. This prevents water from pooling, that would damage any type of pavement that does not have this feature. Because of the materials, you use being the pavement, you really have no need to wash or clean it. Its life span which can span to an upwards of sixty years, ensuring you get the full befits of this system for years to come.


After hearing the benefits of this system, you might wonder what the cost could be. Well, I’m happy to tell you that, this method can cost you about half of traditional methods of paving. It can also see be constructed in half the time as well. So, between insulation and maintenance, you would save quite a bit of money in turning to this method.

Again, if you are looking for a way to stabilize gravel for whatever your need may be, true grid can offer you what you need.