Safety First: Tree Removal Reasons

Trees are a great asset to the home environment. They add a touch of nature to the landscaping, even in urban areas. Many people plant trees when they first purchase their homes. However, they may not think through how these trees will grow. Trees can also become sick over the years. Many do not recover once they are compromised. The safety of your family and guests may depend on removal of the tree. It takes many years to grow a beautiful tree, so these decisions should not be taken lightly. After a thorough inspection, these are some reasons that you may be told to have a tree cut down.


The structure of a tree is an important part of how it stands on your property. A tree that was planted properly grows straight up and forms strong roots. Trees like this are often great for climbing, tree houses, and tire swings. Your entire family may come to love the tree. However, there are some things that can change the structure and stability of your tree. Strong weather patterns can be a defining factor in whether or not your tree can remain near your home. Tropical storms often bring massive rains and strong winds. A tree can also be struck by lightning. If you see that your tree is leaning or damaged, call for an inspection. A tree with compromised structure may fall on your home or family member.

Home Foundation

Many people do not think about the type of tree that they plant or where the roots may grow. Large and lengthy roots can easily disrupt the foundation of a home. After many years, you may notice cracks in your outdoor areas or in your interior flooring. This can mean a costly foundation repair is in your future. Arborcomm tree removal in Perth can help you decide on the best course of action. When a tree is completely removed, the roots stop growing. This removes the threat from your home.


Trees can simply become unhealthy and have a hard time recovering. Sometimes, a positive turnaround can be initiated. When it cannot, however, the tree may become a danger to those that are near it. A sick tree eventually becomes weak and can lose branches or fall down. A tree may become affected by an overwhelming amount of insects, a fungus, or drought. Some years bring little rain, making it impossible for a large tree to survive. If it doesn’t show new growth after a good trim, it may be time for removal. Insects can demolish a tree from the inside out. You may not realise what is going on until it is too late. Fungus may show up on the exterior, however, and you may be able to catch it early enough to treat it.

Tree removal is a regular part of home maintenance. It is usually not the desired option; however, it is often necessary.  A weak tree can drop branches onto people or fall on the house. Damages from falling trees can be quite severe. Roofing can be compromised, and windows can break. Family members can get hurt. A responsible tree removal may be your only option.