The Advantages of Chain Mesh Fences

There are a number of different types of materials you can use for a fence. Wood is the most traditional option, but stone, brick, and metal are also available and have their own pros and cons. One type of fence that is popular for a number of reasons is the chain mesh fence. This fence is made from metal, which means it’s fairly durable and will last for quite some time without maintenance. But that’s not the only reason it’s a good fencing option for many properties. Here are a few other reasons it may be the right type of fencing for you.

It’s Versatile

Chain mesh can be used in a number of different locations and for a number of different reasons. It can effectively keep people out of construction zones and other areas, especially if the top of the chain mesh fence has sharp wire on it. It can also be used to keep animals in and you can even put it up around your back yard to provide a protective barrier for your children. While it can be climbed over if there’s no wiring on top of it, it’s still useful in many situations.

It’s Durable

The metal used in this type of fencing is designed to be lightweight, yet also very durable. It will stand up to rain, snow, and direct sunlight for years. Extreme heat and cold will not damage it or cause the fence to become brittle with age. This means there’s very little reason to replace your chain mesh fencing.


Unlike some fences, using chain mesh provides visibility, as well as, protection. The spaces between the wiring easily allow you to see through the fence. It doesn’t block the sunlight and has a fairly minimum impact on your view. This makes it a good option for creating a small fenced in area for your dog or as a way of protecting your children without losing any of the view of the landscape behind your home.

Low Maintenance

Other types of fencing, especially wood fencing, require regular maintenance. The wood needs to be treated on a regular basis to protect it against rot and insects. Mesh fencing does occasionally need to be rinsed off with the water hose to remove any debris that has been caught between the links, but other than that, it doesn’t need any maintenance at all.

Easy Installation and Low Costs

Finally, chain mesh is one of the easiest types of fencing to install. The only part of the fencing that has to be set in the ground is the posts. These posts are placed in regular intervals around the area and then the mesh is connected to them. A guide wire runs along the top and the bottom of the mesh to keep it taut and prevent animals and children from going under the fence. That’s really all that’s necessary.

Because it doesn’t take as much work to install and doesn’t involve that much material, this type of fencing is also one of the most affordable options.