The Latest Technology in Air Conditioning Solutions

Air conditioning has become a part of our lives, especially in Western Australia, and with global warming promising even higher temperatures, the climate control industry is gearing up for a challenge. One of the most effective cooling systems in called “evaporative’, as it works by cooling the air through the evaporation of water.

Energy saving

The dry air temperature can be lowered considerably through the transition phase from water to vapour, which cools air much more efficiently that by using a compressor, saving energy. In dry climates, this kind of air conditioning brings an added bonus of more humidity, which makes the room more comfortable for the occupants. If you live in Western Australia, and are looking for the latest in evaporative air conditioning in Perth, or surrounding areas, an online search will put you in touch with climate control experts who can advise you on all aspects of cooling solutions for the home.

Dry-climate benefits

The drier summer environment that we have in Western Australia is better suited to evaporative a/c systems, as it relieves the unpleasantness of dry skin and blocked sinuses. The cost of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is significantly lower than that of a regular compressor type a/c system, which uses more electricity.


Evaporative coolers and air conditioning systems are energy saving, which is something we are all aware of, so make your home more environmentally friendly by installing an efficient air conditioning system. While ordinary a/c units draw moisture out of the air, an evaporative system does the opposite by adding humidity to the air it blows out.

Young repairman fixing a ductless minisplit air conditioning system. Real situation

The best environment

Evaporative air control works best in a closed environment with good air circulation, such as a home or office. Humid environments are dehumidified by the evaporation process, providing a more comfortable temperature.

Portable evaporative coolers

Modern solutions have given us mobility, and a small mobile unit can be used to cool down a specific area quickly and economically. Sometimes we just want to use a single room, and are reluctant to switch on the main a/c, just for that small area. A mobile evaporative cooler unit can be moved to any location, and can even be used with the windows and doors open, as it is not required to cool the entire room, just a small area for a short time.

Extra savings

According to research, evaporative air conditioning is cheaper to run than a compressor type system, and in a dry climate, it provides moisture, which makes the room more comfortable to be in. Whether you choose a regular a/c system or an evaporative unit, both should give you many years of faithful service, if properly maintained.

Professional service

The company that supplies your air conditioner, will also be able to regularly service the appliance, which allows for any repairs or replacements to be made quickly, avoiding more expensive repairs at a later date.

Air conditioning will become even more essential as the average temperatures increase, which is even more reason to consider the most effective system on the market, which happens to be evaporative air conditioning.