The Prologue

Build-destroy-rebuild seems to be a latest chain in the construction industry. Cranes and machines take down old buildings and structures to pave way for either sophisticated or revamped buildings or new colonies for the general populace. This chain looks very easy to execute, but in practical case it is not. Without proper planning or without proper execution, if any demolition activity is conducted then it releases a dominos of derogatory effects that get stressful for the individual. Hence the main purpose of this blog is to consider about factors before taking the extreme decision of home demolition.

Effects of unplanned demolitions

Unplanned demolitions pose the following threats: –

  • Demolition done without knowing the exact worth of the property will lead the seller to incur a huge loss by the manipulative buyers or demolishers.
  • Improper checking of materials before demolition may cause exposure to harmful chemicals like asbestos, CFCs, lead, mercury, PCBs etc. which cause serious health issues and create difficulties in safe disposal.
  • Not bringing the required official permissions for demolition would lead to heavy penalty and serious cases against the seller on the grounds of causing derogatory actions against the nature.

Factors to be considered

Following are the factors that need to be considered very seriouslybefore taking any action regarding home demolition: –

  • The demolition contract needs to be prepared very thoroughly, meeting all the safety norms and regulations as per the government.
  • All the connections like gas, electricity, sewers and cables need to be removed many days prior to the demolition so that the entire process is conducted in a smooth and safe manner without any accident.
  • If any tree is cut down during the process, then permission from local environment board is mandatory.
  • Assets protection permission must be taken from the local governing body of the colony to protect any public asset while conducting the demolition activity or transportation of the debris post demolition.
  • All the property related documents must be kept safe and ready so as to prove that the property indeed belongs to the concerned person.
  • A soil test and contour survey is a must before any demolition activity to check the quality of the soil in the existing plot and determine if any new foundation can be laid upon it after demolishing the old structure.
  • A well planned budget of the demolition process needs to be prepared so that no losses or problems would occur due to inappropriate budget distribution.
  • An experienced demolisher contractor with rich experience and good market value needs to be contacted so that he can guide you properly regarding the process, in case you are ignorant about any new regulation.
  • Above stated reasons were related to economic aspects. But health and ecological aspects also need to be taken care of. To begin with this, a proper analysis of the existing structure needs to be done so as to detect and identify any harmful material used in the construction.
  • Specialised contractors must be contacted for the removal and safe disposal of such harmful materials via incinerating or safe dumping under the ground.


Hence this blog is basically meant to make our readers aware about all the factors that they must consider before moving with their plans for home demolition.